The Upset of the Melania-m

Well, well, well. Who saw that coming? Certainly not most of America; even Trump supporters were shocked! I want to congratulate Donald and Melania Trump, and all of his team for a hard-won victory! That definitely goes in as a WIN; bigly!

Of course, Clinton supporters were not too happy with the result. Her team also worked very hard and deserve congratulations for changing the political landscape. Heck, even Texas was in play for awhile! Count all of that work as a WIN.The only people who truly lost today are those who were eligible to vote, yet did not! I have already heard from people complaining about the results. My question is always the same: “Did You Vote”?

Whether you supported Trump, Clinton, or any of the other candidates you had a duty to take the time and make an effort to get out and make your voice heard. One of the first votes cast on the 8th was for Mitt Romney… at least that person took the time to write him in. Trump could have lost, and that could have been your fault! Clinton did lose, and that probably was your fault. You cannot complain about the result or what happens during the next 4 years because you chose not to participate.

It was tough for many Americans to chose between candidates; I get that. However, I imagine the dilemma like this: I am starving (as happened many times in the Corps), and someone gives me a choice between 2 MREs: Ham Slice (I despise ham slice) or Chow Mein (a horrible cold gelatinous mess). I can either choose to suck it up and eat one of the meals, or starve to death staring at both of them.

The lesson is: Vote and Win! By voting and participating, Trump’s supporters did pull off the upset of the Millennium… or Melania-m… both work!

Congratulations to President Elect Trump and all of us for another successful and peaceful election!

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