Smartphones Murder Dreams!

We all want to succeed… whether at work, in sports, or at hundreds of other interesting areas in life. For example, I am struggling to WIN by promoting Windaday while trying to succeed at work and school! Each goal is jam-packed with little activities that I must complete and little lessons I need to learn. Yet, I only have 25 hours each day to accomplish them all (wait, I only have 24 hours? Darn)!

Oh, and I know I must sleep too. I learned many years ago that sleep is important to be successful. I spent several years in the Marines, using “lack of sleep” as a badge of honor… not realizing that each hour lost made me less effective in the field. Sleep actually helps the body and mind recover while cementing the lessons learned during our waking hours. Okay, so what does all this have to do with smartphones killing dreams?

A recent report on PLOS ONE concluded that smartphone use before bedtime significantly reduces our ability to go to sleep. Their use also limits the amount of quality sleep we get… and that is important to our ability to perform. If we do not sleep well; getting more than 5 hours of restful sleep at a time; we are unable to get rid of the toxins that build up in our brains. We also do not dream, and without dreams we cannot cement the lessons learned the previous day.

Worse yet is learning that the blue light from our mobile devices actually stops us from falling asleep. The light tricks our brains into thinking that we are supposed to stay awake, so the melatonin that is normally secreted isn’t… so we can’t sleep!

So, to stay productive and to keeping winning each day, put the smartphone away at bedtime. Doing this one little thing will help each of us do better and have more Wins each day. Putting your smartphone down even 1 hour before bedtime might become your new, yet simple, key to success!

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