Preparing for the Foreign Service Application Process

I know there are many of you who; just like me; were and are interested in working for the Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer or Specialist. That is one of those opportunities of a lifetime, with the possibility of representing US interests overseas. That becomes even more important during the transition from one Administration to another.

DiplomatI recently made it all the way to the Oral Assessment. That was a great and challenging experience; unfortunately I was not successful on this attempt… I will be trying again. I wish I had built Windaday a few months prior to the application process. I would have likely improved my chances of making a great attempt!

One of the things I would have done that led to Windaday was to create a “Project” post. I call it Project because it follows the Situation-Action-Result or SAR format that works so well for most time-limited or “Project” success stories. I learned about this format a long time ago and used it in my resumes, cover letters, interviews, and so much more! However, I was almost always starting from scratch… here’s what I mean:

  • Each time I started a resume or cover letter, I would start creating a new excel spreadsheet to capture my Projects.
  • I would use those Project SARs until I made too many changes, updated my resume, or started a new job. I would then lose the spreadsheet among the other thousands of my personal files.
  • I would start again from scratch and not able to remember every great Win from the past. Plus the way I may have worded something would be different too.
  • Most of all, I always remember later a perfect Project example that would have been perfect for yesterday’s scenario….

With Windaday, I could have focused on reviewing my past victories created concisely to answer many of the questions that show up in the FSO process. Even events from 10 or 20 years ago can still create great Wins that help candidates as they pursue a position with the Foreign Service.

I wish you good luck if you are pursuing working as a diplomat overseas! Hopefully Windaday one of the key success factors in reaching your goal!

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