Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

I have taken part in many events in my life, and some have turned into interesting wins. I was thrown back in time yesterday while switching radio stations. The year was 1996 and I was living in Iowa City, Iowa. I am not sure if this was during the Spring or Summer, but I do remember that I won a trip to Branson, Missouri. That was the 1st place prize for the Airliner’s Karaoke Contest!

You guessed correctly… one of the songs I sang was Glen Campbell’s “Like a Rhinestone Cowboy”! I learned the lyrics as a kid riding in the back seat of our car as my dad drove on many road trips across Africa. I did not even know it was a country song… I just liked the song and the memories that came with it.

Anyway, the Airliner bar had started hosting a Karaoke night once a week (oh, the Airline was my home away from home). My friends and I were definitely up for many embarrassing nights out, so adding singing to our repertoire was not a problem. So, I ended up singing songs such as “The Lion sleeps Tonight” and “Day-O” to cheering Hawkeye fans!

The organizers decided to host a karaoke contest; my guess was to bring in more business for the bar. So, I entered the contest. I wore my wannabe fake leather black cowboy hat and put on my best fake cowboy accent, and sang my heart out!. And I won the contest!

And how did my trip to Branson go? Well… I did not quite make it there. I had more important things to focus on… like all the scheduled rugby tournaments and parties that are MANDATORY for a college student :-). ‘Cause that’s where the lights were always shining on me!

Looking back, I did have some interesting wins. I have shared one of mine… come on and share one of yours.

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