Discovering my Key Success Factors

FencingI used to be a fencer. Not a guy building fences… no I actually used to sword-fight with a foil (type of sword) when I was a teenager. I absolutely loved it, and I was pretty darn good at it! I also played the violin and viola, as well a cricket and rugby. However, the only one I really succeeded in was rugby! Why? My key to success in rugby can be split into 4 parts:

  1. Slow Start – I was not that great at rugby to start with. I had to learn gradually with extreme competition. I work and learn best when I am challenged, and competing against higher caliber players forced me to grow. After many years of practice, rugby became second-nature for me.
  2. Focus on Fundamentals – I succeeded rapidly in all other activities, and started to get cocky. I started to focus on flair and improvisation, but I was never a Star in rugby… there were always people better. So, my only differentiator was having strong fundamental skills.
  3. Using the Team – Yes, I was a “team member” in all the other activities. But I could always WIN or get by on my own. On the other hand, rugby teaches some very, VERY painful lessons for non-team players… and I learned those ones early. Working with my teammates showed me how to achieve success working together.
  4. Hard Work – I hated practicing, especially the violin and viola. Besides, I could always get away without practicing. I was undefeated in Fencing for almost 7 years; I finally was beaten by one of my hard working teammates (we don’t speak anymore). Rugby was different; especially once I started college. I had to work hard just to make the team… and there was no way I was not going make the team!

I try to do these 4 things whenever I start a job, project, or hobby. I know relatively soon if I will be successful if I can see some Wins in each part. I know that I will get bored quickly if a job is not challenging, and I don’t mean “Hard”. Work can be hard yet provide zero challenges, and without that I get bored and stop learning.What are your key success factors? Have you identified those things that make you your best? Knowing them will help you reach your goal, no matter what you are focused on!

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