Bookmarking Success

I want to share an awesome Win I had last week. I was so proud of myself… though my colleagues weren’t as impressed. I even added the Win to my Projects on Windaday. Okay, let me tell you what happened.

I have been working with my colleagues developing procedures and standards for the group. Well, on our latest update someone requested that we create section Tables of Contents (TOCs) since the overall document is massive! I had always wondered how to do this but I had never succeeded in figuring it out.

So, with a tight deadline (4 hours) and a little help from Google (Google is your friend), I started researching various sites trying to creating these section TOCs. What I learned was that you can actually use bookmarks to identify and select a section of a document, then use that bookmark to create a list or TOC that captures the headings within the bookmarked section. Creating the TOC only works if you are using headings; they act as links to each bookmarked part of the document. I have shared the steps I took below:

  1. I selected the sections of content that I wanted as part of the TOC. I did this thrice to create three new TOCs for the sections.
  2. On the menu tabs, I selected the INSERT and then selected BOOKMARK. You should see a new dialog box called “Bookmark”.
  3. The next step was to create a simple bookmark name… I used the topic of each section as my bookmark name. The name cannot have any spaces (i.e. scopeofwork versus scope of work). Next, I clicked the ADD button.
  4. Almost done! I next placed my cursor in the place in the document where wanted my section TOC; I placed mine just below the section title. Once again, I selected the INSERT tab, then selected QUICK PARTS. In the QUICK PARTS options I selected FIELD.
  5. The FIELD dialog box has a spot that is labelled “Field Name”. I scrolled down and selected TOC and then clicked “Options”. In “Options” I selected a switch labelled “\b” (it takes the bookmarked headings as individual items) and then clicked “Add to Field”.
  6. I then added my bookmark name to the label. Looked something like… “TOC \b Scopeofwork” (without the quotation marks). Finally, I clicked OK and… Voila! A TOC that only updates for that section was created!

I did something (with a little research) that I had wanted to learn to do for so long. I know that I will find every excuse to add section TOCs to every document I write from this point and on! I will definitely bookmark this win for future projects.

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