A Win for Clinton?

We are just one day away from electing the 45th President of the United States. Is that President going to be another man, or is Hillary Clinton going to create a new success story as she breaks another glass ceiling?

From the Presumptive “Only” candidate, Hillary has had a tough campaign getting the Democratic Party vote and then the public vote. Her biggest challenge has been her resume of accomplishments. She has worked as an attorney, as a First Lady, as a Senator, and as Secretary of State. In all those years, she achieved several great things and some that have haunted every step of her Presidential race… especially Benghazi and her private server. Without those two arrows she could have cruised through with limited effort.Fight SongOkay, tomorrow is game time! I wonder what she would say about her success on November 9 if she wins the election. Clinton’s Win on Windaday would probably look something like this:

  • Situation: Running for the position of Top Public Servant against a former buddy
  • Action(s): Effectively and successfully competed against a worthy adversary during the Primaries. {Oh, and I was the Real author of Obama Care!} Earned the support of real billionaires and business leaders! I won 3 easy debates against an old misguided rookie (he is not a nice man… who cares). I earned the American vote by building the greatest surrogate team EVER! I made sure I was the most experienced and educated candidate in history.
  • Result(s): Just ask the First Husband to start picking out the china!

That would be phenomenal, Bill Clinton having to decorate the White House. If we make history tomorrow, Secretary Clinton can create whatever success story she wants on Windaday… and that would be just awesome!

Good luck America… tomorrow determines how our country succeeds in the future.

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