A Career is not ENOUGH!

Many of us celebrated the phenomenal achievement of completing a degree program this year. And like many of you, I was unable to WALK at my commencement ceremony… well, maybe next time. Congrats to you all for successfully pushing through to the very end. I find that last class or session is always the toughest.

What I want to focus on today is what comes next. Some of you are already working but may be looking to advance up or move out with your new qualifications. For others, this may be your first step in pursuing your career. Many people; friends, family, even strangers (like me); have freely shared wanted (and unwanted) advice regarding career choices and career moves that guarantee success in life. I have sat through many commencement speeches by prominent people from across the United States, and they all talked about how fortunate the graduating class is… even when we knew the job market was in freefall!

I did learn one important lesson from a friend several years ago. He told me to never limit yourself to just one thing… and that is what I want to share with you all today. Everyone should have two things: A Job and A Business (at least one). You should never rely on just one source of income if you want to be successful. So, instead of looking for a career to take you through life, look for a career that will bankroll your inventive and entrepreneurial minds. Invest in the things that truly invigorate YOU. Here are some examples of what I am talking about.


I have a cousin who graduated as a lawyer several years ago. She quickly got bored working in trademark law, and as a hobby started blogging about interior and clothing fashion. She uses the law to pay the bills, but now also travels around the globe; places like Dubai and Rome; sponsored by companies who want her endorsements on all sorts of things related to fashion and travel. Big Win for Her!


I have another cousin who was successful in retail business leadership but felt extremely unfulfilled. She decided to change her focus completely. Now she works with a non-profit agency that gives her enough flexibility to manage her true love… her very own Leadership Training Academy. She can now travel to countries in Africa and train the leaders of tomorrow… today!


One of my good friends struggled prior to the 2008 recession. However, out of necessity, he started buying a property here and there to supplement his lower income. He reinvested the rent collected into a few small hobbies; things he could sell. Today, he has multiple revenue streams and hires several people to do his work for him. He likes to say that he “never has a bad day” anymore.

Do not limit yourself to just starting or shifting a career. Real Success comes from taking ownership of your life. From little projects to big business, all started with one person’s idea to do more than just work. Start putting ideas to paper (or tablet) and start working toward many new and profitable WINS!

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