5 reasons to fall in love… with your Customers

I can still remember my best sales call ever! I walked into the retail store at 8:50am prepared for my 9 o’clock meeting… carrying donuts of course! By 10:30, I was walking out with a HUGE grin on my face. Why?

First, all the decision-makers who said they would be there actually showed up! Second, everyone paid attention to my presentation and to the discussions that followed. Third, I was rocking my pitch that morning; I had actually spent some time rehearsing the day prior. And finally, they agreed to accept my proposal on the spot! I was so happy that (I hope that boss isn’t reading this) I got back in my car and took the rest of the day off! I was not going to ruin that feeling with a less than perfect next sales call.

That was a great Win for me… having that feeling of achievement. Everything went better than I had dreamed. And that resulted in me becoming very loyal to that customer!

Don’t fall in love with all your customers. There are some that need to be fired… you can read more about that here. But once you have your good customers, it is okay to fall in love with your favorite ones. Following the well-known 80:20 rule, these are probably the top 5 of the 20! Make sure you take care of them… here’s why:

  1. They know how to treat you right – You feel great just meeting these customers, even if there is a problem. They already understand that you want to work with them, so they treat you with respect.
  2. They see their problems as mutual opportunities – I remember sitting in that meeting wondering why they were making my case for me! These are customers that want you to be part of their decision-making process… GO TEAM!
  3. They always respect your time – I know many of you have arrived at a scheduled meeting only to find out that you’ll have to reschedule for later… if at all. Just the courtesy of a call early makes a huge difference. Any customer that helps you maximize your time is a KEEPER!
  4. They advocate for you with other customers – OMG, that is almost the greatest thing EVER! Many may happily refer you to other people, but a Champion or Advocate is literally GOLD for your business. Treat these ones very well!
  5. They pay on time, every time – or at least almost every time. These are the people who will let you know early if there is an issue, because they know that you aren’t a bank (… unless you are one) and they feel really bad for causing an issue for you. But when they pay, they pay well and consistently.

Talking with customersEach time you deal with a customer who takes care of you becomes a big Win for both of you. I had one great experience with that customer, and I happily bent-over backwards whenever they needed me to. I fell in love with them just because they gave me one great day!

I have enjoyed a number of other customers who I have had great successes with… and I became dedicated to each one of them. And by reciprocating, they succeed too. It is okay to get rid of customers who destroy your day; just remember to reward those who take care of you. Show them some love too… and Win!

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