What would Trump’s Win look like?

I wonder what Trump’s Win would look like if he wins and become President Elect on Tuesday! This has been a highly dynamic and precedent-setting election, regardless of what side Americans are on. The Donald managed to effectively win in a battle against 16 other traditional and “not-so-traditional” candidates. His ability to manage the media cycle and disrupt his competitors’ campaigns changed the way Primary and Presidential campaigns will be run for a very long time.Trump PlaneIn the Presidential Elections, Trump has been competing against the one possible candidate who is just as controversial: Hillary Clinton. Trump has managed to weather attack and dish it out, survived what should have been fatal allegations and taped footage, to sit at 42 percent in the CNN polls today. With the possibility of a new address in 2017, how would Trump use Windaday to save this Win?It probably looks something like this:

  • Situation: I successfully ran for the 2nd most powerful position in the world (behind being Chairman of the Trump Organization).
  • Action(s): As an experienced winner, I created and motivated the best team in the world to manage my Primary and Presidential campaigns. I changed the way elections are run, build major relationships with the best people in the Military and the Government, and challenges the progressive Media to become fair and balanced. I crushed the competition in the Primaries, and crush Secretary Clinton in three (3) debates! I showed the American people that they have been fed a lie, and that I can help them make America Great Again!
  • Result(s): I Won of course!

What would your next Win look like?

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