About Windaday

What is Windaday all about?

Okay. Windaday is an awesome way to Create, Manage, and Save success stories or WINS that happen in our lives. My vision is to enable everyone around our world to highlight our Best Wins and Promote ourselves to the height of our potential!

So, Windaday gives each of us the ability to Wins in the moment or in the future so that we can remember them when we need them.

When can we use our Wins?

Well, I have some examples of when I use my Wins below:

  • Any job interview – I have always tried to create new ones for each interview; a very tiring experience. Now I simply select from my collections of Wins… because there are only so many questions anyone can ask.
  • My resumes – I try to use the Situation-Actions-Results format for my resumes. Windaday is built to help you create these with ease.
  • Biographies – I have written a few of these for presentations and other events. Sometimes I forget important facts, especially when I am in a rush. Why not have some ready to go based upon the event.
  • Publications – I have written only one professional paper, but I know many people who have written many more! Having those citations ready can be a great way to promote yourself!

These are just a few ways I have used Windaday… yes, I am a user too!

Who am I?

I should have introduced myself earlier! I’m Lambert Ebot and I am the Founder of Windaday. I am currently a Team of One, but as Windaday grows so will the Team. I am a budding online entrepreneur since 2009, regularly trying to solve problems and develop new ideas. That’s how Windaday started: I kept running into problems keeping track of my own Wins, so I created a way to make the process easier.

I have created a number of web-based solutions in the past, including: QuotaMasters, Table Energy, Friction, Noublie, and Barrels O’ Bargains. I continue to work on various solutions, and I learn more with each new project. Windaday is My Latest Win!

How do I join?

It is sooooo simple to do! Just click on the button below to get started. Register and get going Saving New Wins, Sharing ideas and Successes, Posting Motivating Tips, and so much more! And please send me your feedback by clicking the Feedback tab! That way I can continue to improve your experience.

Awesome… Start Winning today with Windaday!