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You are your own Success Story... and Windaday wants to help You Save that Story. Have you ever found yourself leaving an interview and suddenly remembering the perfect response to a question 5 minutes too late?! Have you tried to write an autobio for some "last minute" event, only to suddenly hit a wall of "writer's block"?!

With Windaday You can Save Your Success Stories... Your Wins when they happen. You can catch up with previous Wins from weeks, months, or even years ago and keep them in your portfolio for the right moment! We each do GREAT things each and every day, so Save each Win when you earn them... Save at least one Win each Day with Windaday!

How Does Windaday Work?

This has got to be complicated, right? Actually, not at all. Windaday takes just 4 simple Steps to help You Win each Day!

Step 1

Do Something Awesome that You Know You should Save... got an 'A' in Math... published a Novel... learned how to change a tire?

Step 2

Log in to Windaday and go to the New Wins Page!

Step 3

Select your type of Win and start adding your story to the form! You can even add an image or document!

Step 4

Click the "Save" button! That's it! You have just rewarded yourself with a New Win!

Winning Stories on Windaday


How much does it cost?

That's easy to answer... its FREE! Start saving your Success Stories today!